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Qualitative Research 101: Everything you need to know

If you are keen on learning more about qualitative research, it can be hard to find an overview of all the key things you need to know, and how to apply everything that is..

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How to make qualitative data analysis easy and simple

Qualitative research has always been the method in which collected data can be analysed to identify patterns that can greatly influence a product, audience or culture. The process..

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Online consumer research panels: Are they the right method for your next project?

Come Together For the purposes of this article, when we talk about consumer research panels, we are referring to any research where a number of consumers come together to provide..

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Advantages of online research: Why you should move your project online

Online research has been around almost as long as the Internet has existed, and after over 20 years of experimentation and iterative development, the types of online research..

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How to choose qualitative research software

Qualitative analysis software is on the rise - there are now a number of tech firms that offer qualitative data analysis so it is important that you know what you are looking for..

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Factors to determine your sample size for qualitative research

A common question that is asked when working with new and existing clients is sample size - it always crops up along with further enquiries around minimum sample size, what..

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How To Conduct Qualitative Market Research Successfully

Whether you are a small business, a marketing agency or a researcher - this article is focused on the methodologies and best practices required to conduct qualitative research...

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The 3 Market Research Trends Taking The Industry By Storm

Market research trends tend to change gradually over time, with the changes often starting in a particular market before becoming global trends. The nature of the global economy..

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Welcome to Qualzy - our reimagined Quality Insights platform

As I am writing this article, I am thinking back on the key events over the last 23 years that have led us to where we are today. We have built eight major products over that..

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