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Meet the Team: Bun Lim

G’day, my name is Bun! I’m one of the Client Success Managers at Qualzy and help bridge the gap between the tech and research teams. If you’ve ever worked with me, you’ll know..

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Meet the Team: Daniel Beeston

Hi, my name is Daniel. I've been with the company very early on before Qualzy was even an idea. I originally joined the team many years ago in 2006.

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Meet the Team: Michael Arefiev

Hi, I'm Mike! I jumped onto the Qualzy train at the very beginning. Yes, I've been on board from the day one. And I must tell you, looking at the point where we have started..

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Meet the Team: Rachel Davies

Hi, my name is Rachel! I am the Learning and Support Manager here at Qualzy. I do onboarding and training, support, and everything in between. I am also the gender neutral..

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Meet the Team: Sumit Mehta

My name is Sumit! I am part of Qualzy's core development team since 2013, just when Qualzy was almost 10 days old into development. It's been an amazing experience seeing Qualzy..

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