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More Than Just a Platform

Adam Hunter 10/25/22 12:46 PM
Qualzy: Your Trusted Tech Partner in Market Research

Trusted Tech Partner

Did you know, Qualzy is much more than just a platform?

Qualzy is not just your tech solution, we consider ourselves to be your tech partner, but why is this so important to us and for you?We understand how busy market researchers can be, so we take the legwork out of online research projects by offering…

Our Support Team - Fast, Focussed and Friendly - The Power of Three

We understand that when you need answers, you need them to be insightful, concise and in front of you quickly. Our friendly support team aims to give you a response within 30 minutes during office hours and usually one email is all it takes. For anything that needs deeper investigation, we’ll ask you the key questions that will help us help you, or offer you a call at a time that suits you. No more waiting on hold, or searching through miles of internet forums.

Consultation - Let’s talk about your project.

You’re the experts at what you do, but you may be new to the platform, online research projects in general or just looking to bounce some ideas around. At no cost, our expert team members are happy to advise you in developing your project by drawing on their knowledge and experience to create engaging activities for your respondents using the tools to get the data you need.

Education - How do I…?

Accessing powerful, insightful projectsl is easy once you know how! Our team offers free training on how to set up, run, analyse and export a project. All of this is backed by our support team and if you ever get stuck, the help button is at hand to take you from the platform, through to our comprehensive knowledgebase.

Qualzy Assist

If Daft Punk’s Technologic was written today, it would say “Check it, build it, launch it, share it, check engagement, manage, export it” - this is Qualzy Assist - we do it all. We offer full end-to-end project support and management, including managing email invitations and engagement, so you can focus on the rich insights you’re getting from your project.

Development - Need something new? Let’s talk about it.

With access to our own dedicated development team, we always take into consideration all development requests and how they can be implemented on the platform as a new tool or suite of tools.

So to summarise…What do you get from Qualzy?

We’d like to think we offer an honest, friendly and reliable service with plenty of room for growth based on your needs as they develop. After just one project with Qualzy, you’ll know what you’re getting and that we’ll build projects based on your preferences and the nature of your research. A long-running partnership with Qualzy soon flourishes into success after success.

What do we get from you?

We get to develop our product and our team with new influences and ideas as our partnership base grows and diversifies. We get to challenge ourselves to be better than we were the day before, and to consistently evidence that we deliver what you need.

Why is this relationship important?

No sector of market research is an island; collaboration is key to thriving within the market research world. In an ever-changing market, having a reliable and consistent set of providers, researchers, moderators and translators is important for researchers and platforms alike. We offer our partnership with open arms and an open box of donuts, and like to build personal relationships with your team to deepen the richness of our work with you.

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