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Meet the Team: Daniel Beeston

The Qualzy Messenger 9/2/22 12:44 PM

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Hi, my name is Daniel. I've been with the company very early on before Qualzy was even an idea. I originally joined the team many years ago in 2006.


I started doing a mix of client support/training as well as development for the windows based survey software Professional Quest while building numerous custom client reporting solutions and integrating a web based 360 portal. I then moved onto the web version WebSurveyCreator as it began its development. My biggest project and challenge was bringing CATI (Caller Assisted Telephone Interviewing) into WebSurveyCreator. This was a new endeavour for all of us as we had never dealt with realtime requirements like this before.

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I joined the Qualzy team only 3 years ago and have been steadily bridging my knowledge gap to meet the continuous development cycle as the product grows. I also still help out with support for our other products when needed. My role in the team is as senior full-stack developer. I have skills in front-end, back-end and database systems and I have been building up my skillset/experience in UI design.

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I am an avid gamer and still spend a lot of time gaming with friends. Other hobbies include 3d modelling/art/game development, as well as miniature model making/painting.