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Meet the Team: Bun Lim

The Qualzy Messenger 9/27/22 3:52 AM

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G’day, my name is Bun! I’m one of the Client Success Managers at Qualzy and help bridge the gap between the tech and research teams. If you’ve ever worked with me, you’ll know that I love working on challenging projects that require thinking outside the box, often making sure that all the tech fits the research instead of getting the research to fit the tech.


I joined Qualzy back in 2009 after completing my Bachelors in Mathematics and Computing (exciting I know!). I started out in our Sydney headquarters and was offered a position in our Boston office. I’m not someone who would say “no” to an adventure so I jumped at the chance and haven’t looked back. Working with the Qualzy family I am able to take my analytical and IT knowledge, combine it with my passion for problem solving and building connections with people to provide a service that is often hard to find.


Outside of the office I am constantly searching for my next adventure, usually in the form of whirlwind weekend trips, food safaris and throwing myself at new experiences. As I type this, I’m on a beach, in Aruba, surrounded by iguanas.
I am also obsessed with constantly learning new skills whether it is for professional development or personal development. Right now, I’m doing a masterclass on floral arrangements (it is a lot harder than it looks and sounds).


What’s next on my list? I am currently working to get my skydiving license and working towards buying my first cow. Ultimately one day I'd like to own my own ranch (the kind with horses, not the dressing). It would also be great if Qualzy eventually sent me to either Greece or Portugal to set up our next office 💭.