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Meet the Team: Michael Arefiev

The Qualzy Messenger 8/26/22 2:17 PM

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Hi, I'm Mike! I jumped onto the Qualzy train at the very beginning. Yes, I've been on board from the day one. And I must tell you, looking at the point where we have started almost 10 years ago - it's been quite a journey so far. So many things have changed, so many ideas have come and gone. Qualzy has evolved so much from the original idea that even we can barely remember and recognise its roots. Though, the most exiting things and the most important achievements are still ahead of our team.


As for my role in this team, I’m a front-end developer. I love to build stuff people actually interact with. Whenever anybody clicks a button and gets exact result they have expected (or even better) that makes me proud. On the other hand, I’m the first person to be blamed if something doesn’t work.


When I’m not working you can call me Mr Family Guy. You will usually find me fixing stuff around the house or spend time with my beautiful wife and two sons. Boy, those little daredevils eat my time like the Langoliers.


During my “me” time (of which I obviously have way too little) I do so many, many different things that I’m never bored. And I want to do much more. Though, I have two main passions. The first one is gaming. I have all kind of consoles and play all kind of games. You name it - I’ve played it. The other passion is racing. I’m a real petrolhead. Not only watching each and every F1 and MotoGP race, but racing myself as well. I love to take part in E-sim racing championships as well as go real on Go kart track. And of course I’d take my bike for a spin at any given moment.