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Flume embraces online research communities for real time consumer insights

Paul Kingsley-Smith 9/27/23 4:48 PM
Flume Online Research Communities Case Study - Burger image

Flume online research communities - new case study

Flume reveals rich, real-time consumer insights by building on Qualzy as its qualitative research platform. 

BlogDataPanelIndependent market research agency Flume uses Qualzy as its qualitative research platform, enabling it to reveal the rich, real-time, real-life consumer insights that its major grocery, food and beverage clients desire.

Flume has been a Qualzy user for years. Yet it was only during the pandemic that remote research and online communities really came into focus.

As the agency worked fast to shape innovative new research offerings that relied less on traditional face-to-face interaction, its use of Qualzy soared. In the process, it has become able to review, analyse and deliver results in a much more timely and cost-effective way, using technology to enable it to transform its services for clients.

Enabling online market research communities

Flume’s philosophy rests upon making brands easier to easier to think of, buy, and use.

It has always excelled at capture deep buyer insights. Today, it relies on the Qualzy platform to build and evolve extensive online consumer communities and gather rich qualitative research intelligence.

Debbie Newbould, Flume’s Managing Director stated “We have always tried to embrace new ways of doing things, and so have been advocates for online and digitally enabled research work for a long time. It doesn’t replace face-to-face interactions, but it helps capture rich stories behind people’s lives.”

In our latest case study, she speaks of the fluidity and flexibility of the platform, which enables more direct and revealing customer interactions. “We have badged the platform for that client, so users feel that they are engaging with the brand itself” she told us.

Flume has learned that users of all ages find the platform effortless to use. Debbie said “The Qualzy interface is just so easy that we never need to worry. We have platform users aged from 17 to 70. Qualzy is so intuitive that we get fantastically rich content from them.”

Deep qualitative research insights from the Qualzy platform

Most importantly, Flume’s clients gain the deep qualitative insights that they have always wanted – direct and in real time from their audiences as they go from being shoppers in the supermarket, to busy Mums serving up food for the family. “What I love about Qualzy is that you can capture a true end-to-end journey. It helps us bring our clients’ customers to life, sharing their opinions about brands first-hand,” said Debbie. “It reveals quality intelligence that helps clients make business decisions confidently and turn our findings into action.”

Read the case study in full and learn how Qualzy has helped Flume to generate, analyse and report valuable data in real-time, not just from larger groups, but across the country. Flume works closely with the Qualzy team to push the boundaries of the platform’s capability and flexibility, forming a partnership which has not just helped it shape qualitative research projects dynamically to meet clients’ needs, but also clinch a prestigious award in the process.