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AI in research technology platforms – Qualzy AI platform features

Paul Kingsley-Smith 7/19/23 9:00 AM
AI in research technology platforms - blue bubbly image representing research and learning

How Qualzy is exploring its AI feature future with qualitative research clients

For developers of research technology platforms like Qualzy, there is a bit of a dilemma. Do you dive in and AI enable everything possible, or deploy AI with care to ensure that it speaks directly to the needs of researchers?

We have landed firmly in the latter camp. But that doesn’t mean we are moving slowly. On the contrary: we were among the first research technology platform developers to bring AI functionality and features to our community of users. Nor are we alone - the future of AI in research is being explored from an array of perspectives by insights suppliers and systems.

The Qualzy AI feature future is being designed firmly around this philosophy:

AI research technologies shouldn’t be designed to replace human research professionals, but help them to work more effectively, efficiently and productively so they can serve their clients better.

This is something in which we passionately believe. It was reinforced in a recent collaborative experiment into generative AI’s effectiveness with our trusted client and partners at Mustard Research, as we reported in “An Experiment in Generative Ai and the Art of Qualitative Research.”

Qualzy’s AI features are designed to support and aid users at every step and stage of the qualitative research process:

  1. Designing projects swiftly by moving rapidly from general topic areas to smart introduction content
  2. Building project activities faster with survey starters or structured questions and steps
  3. Moderating more easily via ready-to-tune responsive questions and interaction suggestions
  4. Analysing with support from automating tagging and parsing of responses and references
  5. Reporting with less stress by delivering summaries, suggestions, and ready-to-use research outtakes

Walking through the AI features of our research technology platform

If you want to learn more or see what this looks like, why not watch Paul Kingsley-Smith as he walks a group of qualitative research professionals through each stage. See how he shows on screen just how smart these features are in supporting the research project design and management process and responds to questions from these research tech users.

In it you’ll hear how Qualzy has pioneered AI in research technology but with care – including ensuring data security and compliance with GDPR, being selective in which version of Chat GPT to utilise where, and of course in actively testing whether AI can actually help human researchers, instead of just… well, guessing.

Watch : Optimising Qualitative Research: Exploring the AI-Driven Capabilities of Qualzy