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The Inexorable and Inevitable Impact of AI on Qualitative Research

Paul Kingsley-Smith 7/3/23 8:57 AM
AI and Qualitative Research

Why Qualzy partnered on an Experiment in Generative AI and the Science of Qualitative Research

The march of AI is inexorable and exciting. We realised early in the ChatGPT era that the AI debate would grow fast in the research industry – so we started exploring and integrating.


Research professionals are concerned, though. The application of AI for quantitative research is emerging, yet qualitative research benefits are far less clear.

In March 2023 we decided to collaborate with our client and trusted partner Mustard Research on an experiment to get some real insight into what the potential might be.

Using Qualzy, they created an online community to compare participant experiences as they interacted with questions from AI alone, AI with a human moderator, or a human.

The results were enlightening and reinforced our view that we have a real responsibility to our research customers to help them grasp the vast opportunities that exist. You can read what Mustard has to say here: What could artificial intelligence do for market research?

AI in qualitative research - an experiment with an insight community

AI is part of the future of qualitative research. It can remove limits, boost efficiency, bring order and extract insights from larger data sets, and more.

AI is not optional – As AI becomes part of the fabric of the tools on which researchers depend, brands and clients will also expect it to be leveraged. The genie is out of the bottle.

Qualzy is β€˜all in’ – we have added AI capabilities already for research design, moderation and analysis, but that’s only the start. We will redraw the lines and find new balance, together.

Download our new thought leadership report: Collaborating for Insight - An Experiment in Generative AI and the Art of Qualitative Research