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Meet the Team: Sumit Mehta

The Qualzy Messenger 8/5/22 9:31 AM

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My name is Sumit! I am part of Qualzy's core development team since 2013, just when Qualzy was almost 10 days old into development. It's been an amazing experience seeing Qualzy grow into a full-fledged product over the years, thanks to our entire team and management. I am a backend developer here and my job is to add brain to the product.




I have met some amazing people here to work with, including other backend developers, frontend developers, and our awesome sales and support team. I enjoy working in a team and at Qualzy, we have an awesome team to work with. In other words, we break and make things together.


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I love challenges and strive to beat them in the best possible ways. But failures are inevitable, no matter how good you're with your stuff. Qualzy, as a product, had lots of interesting challenges. One thing that I learned here is that you need to embrace your failures gracefully and move on to the next thing without getting affected by it in any way. And while doing this, the working environment and the management plays a vital role. We're glad to have a very supportive team and management.




I am a musician at heart, and also a trained singer in Indian Classical Music. In my free time, I like to record songs in my voice. I also like to write poetry and compose songs in Hindi. I also have love for writing, so I sometimes write articles on social issues.


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Spirituality is another thing that has found a very strong base in my life since 2020. Lord Krishna has blessed me by choosing me as his devotee and due to his grace, Srimad Bhagavad Gita is a big part of my life. Turning to Gita has given me a whole new perspective about life (and death) and various aspects attached to it. It has not only made me a better person but even a better professional.