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How to choose the right software for qualitative research

Paul Kingsley-Smith 11/8/23 5:08 PM
Choose research software - the perfect fit

It ain't easy to find that perfect fit platform...

Finding the best software for your qualitative research needs is not only a case of finding the right software for a single project. You have to know it can help you gather, analyse and present your insights not once, but many times – and that requires flexibilitand

Where do you start?

In our view, it’s about asking a lot of questions in order to make a smart and strategic selection that you can live with and grow with, as your needs evolve.

Can it fit the full range of your needs?

Not every research insights platform can scale to sustain large online communities, or those across geographic and language boundaries. Some may not allow you to react as fast as needed to set up projects lightning fast for an urgent digital project requirement.

You have to find your perfect fit.

Not just a platform fit, but a provider fit too – nothing worse than investing in a system and finding that you are treated as a number on the end of a helpdesk queue when what you need is advice and help for an urgent project, or even a bit of hands-on help to get you going.

Of course, we think Qualzy is the crème de la crème when it comes to research platforms. Yet we know that there are others. That’s why there are so many elements to think through.

You need to consider all criteria

Shortlisting may start with core project functionality that allows you to set up the projects you want in the way you want them. But criteria such as an intuitive interface, tip top team tools and easy exports are critical too. And what about those more nebulous things that make one choice better than another for YOU?

We’ve got you covered!

We’ve bundled together a whopping list of 19 selection criteria that you can mull over and muse upon as you decide on the truly future-fit research solution you want.

Whether you’re an individual researcher seeking innovative tools, a market research agency aiming for flexibility or an in-house team who are hungry for the ability to easily generate brand insights, you’ll get value from this checklist.