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Here comes a CoLoop collab - an integration to elevate your AI analytics for qual research

Paul Kingsley-Smith 6/4/24 6:00 PM
AI Analytics for Qual - Qualzy and CoLoop integration

Why Qualzy and CoLoop make perfect partners when it comes to AI analytics for qual research

At Qualzy we have some pretty clear views about how we choose to work. Putting researchers first is a core part of that philosophy. While collaborative working and partnership with industry colleagues is another.

That's why we're delighted to announce that we’ve teamed up with so that Qualzy users can export their data and explore new ways to analyse and present findings.  

We only work with people who share our values – and CoLoop hits the spot, particularly around AI. Because it’s no secret that we’re not fans of AI for AI’s sake.

CoLoop is at forefront of developing AI powered tools for qual research with the ability to easily evidence insights and opinions. Like us, they put the needs of the user first.

Generative AI has vast value to bring to qual research – but only if used for good.


More than Go Faster stripes

Qualzy believes strongly AI is not a label to slap on a product to position it as ahead of the pack, but a technology which can truly transform the efficiency and effectiveness of research. We know that AI can help individual and teams of researchers not just be more productive, but to gain better insights too.  

We’ve been integrating AI into our own platform in several ways that support researchers in their work. When we first introduced features such our AI playground, a virtual research assistant to help researchers write discussion guides, and AI probing to help moderators ask for contextually relevant probes by analysing participant responses and suggesting follow up questions, we knew they could be gamechangers.

That said, whenever we’ve tried out an AI feature and found it not adding real value, we’ve always made ourselves stop, and think again.

That’s because to us, AI is all about making the lives of researchers easier, by giving them access to a ‘second brain’ to help them do what they do every day. If it doesn’t help, we shouldn’t be doing it.

Collaborating for insights

CoLoop completely gets this way of thinking. CoLoop is an AI transcription, translation and primary content analysis tool that helps researchers organise responses into structured analysis, then use a supportive AI search feature to help them filter and summarise key moments and responses.

In a recent conversation online between our own Paul Kingsley Smith and Jack Bowen, founder and CEO of CoLoop, Jack said: “The whole idea is to make it really simple for a researcher to run an AI analysis in minutes, regardless of where the data has come from or the file format. So you can ingest all your data from your qual projects, and start adding AI techniques to your analysis.”


Handle with care

AI isn’t something to treat with casual enthusiasm – but with care and consideration, in particular around how researchers can protect their data and that of their clients.

Our own AI playground was designed with that in mind. CoLoop also actively prioritises and guarantees data privacy, and has vetted its systems for GDPR in Europe and HIPAA and SOC2 compliance in the US.

Jack told us: “It’s easy to just throw something up by using AI tools, the APIs are reasonably available and easy to use. The secret is refining them, getting them to the point where they are super-reliable, scoped to address a real problem, and are simple to use. They have to be something that is easy to trust.”


Best of both

Our new integration means that users can get the best of both worlds. Using Qualzy’s unparalleled capability and powerful features to design, build and run highly engaged online communities to gather insights like never before.

Now, as well as using our own analytics and reporting tools, users can choose to take advantage of CoLoop’s advanced AI transcription and analysis features to see even further, and uncover even deeper insights.

Introducing AI for qual research isn’t about replacing researchers and their ability to see what is meaningful and that matters, in the data they collect.

It is about helping researchers do what they do better, faster, more efficiently, and without limits.

We asked Jack for his final message to the market, when we spoke. This are his words: “Roll your sleeves up. Start exploring what AI means for you. So many things are possible now that weren’t before, there is huge potential out there to discover new ways to bring value to clients, and answer questions you couldn’t before. Tools are enabling that. Those who will benefit the most are those who really explore this space.”